We need promotional/good gameplay video.So here is the contes.


1. Video can’t be shorter than 1min but no longer than 10min.

2. The video must contain: Smod: CryLife in title ( but fell free to add somethig else from yourself ), add “Made by: Dev. Muffin” in video details and this link:

3. You can’t use any copywited material ( i.e latest music )

4. You can’t use curse words.

5. You need to upload the video to youtube, and then send the link to  us:

Due to personal issues the contest submissions time has been extended to 01.09.2013 ( We’re hoping that you all will use this time to submit more videos, and give you more time for editing and make a good quality footage.

1st place user will be allowed to upload the video on Smod:Crylife ModDB site, and we will link the video on Dev.Muffin websites.
 Also the winner will be allowed to choose one map of his choice to include in the next release.

1st,2nd,3rd place users will be rewarded with special bonus, and and we will link the video on Dev.Muffin websites.

Good luck :)