Crylife 2 CBT

After a long time We’re releasing a CBT [Closed beta test] for Crylife.
Here’s a few Q&A you might want to know:

Q: Why CBT [Closed Beta Test] ?

A: We want an actual feedback about the mod, from people that know how to bugtest a mod.
Not some random people that have no clue about what is SMOD and what “beta” means.

Q: How do I join CBT?
A: Send us a PM on Bsnooch (Pepsifan04) or use our public e-mail , you can also contact us via PM on moddb
Applications in other forms are not accepted, and will get automatically deleted.


Everyone that has been chosen to participate in CBT already received their archive password via PM.
If you wish to join, just ask.
You can get more info about CBT here:
We’ve also fixed the "SMOD Standalone CSS Adoon"
It works now, so all of your beloved smod mods should be working again.
Grab it here:
Let the CBT Begin!
Dev.Muffin Group

SMOD Stanalone: We’re back!

Not so long time ago, we released the first public version of SMOD Standalone. Unfortunately, Not long after initial release Valve did update vpk.exe which made installation of SMOD Standalone impossible.

But now, after over a month, a month of big changes and events, We’re back! and with us SMOD Standalone, updated, fixed and better than ever.

If you’re not familiar with SMOD Standalone we’re suggesting to read through this post , and because SMOD Standalone is again fully functional there’s going to be a lot of progress:

First of all, we’re going to finally update MODDB page of Project:404, it hasn’t been updated since a long time ,but development of Project:404 is still on.

Secondly: Pepsifan04 promised to remaster SMOD: Crylife 1.5.9 and port it to SMOD Standalone engine, so he’ll doing that for next few weeks, while Deathshimort will hold a whip over two friendly Source mappers that joined us recently, they’ll be making maps for Project:404 and a few custom maps made especially for Crylife 2.0.

It may not sound like a lot, but believe us, there’ll be going a lot to share with you, Showcases, Dev.commentaries, concept art, Standard SMOD addons and packs, we might even make demo releases. It’s all to come.

As it might not be the longest post we’ve made I think it’s one of most important ones, We’re alive, and back!

And for those who are reading this news on tumbrl we gonna simplify things and post the SMOD Standalone Download Links along with SMOD Standalone CSS Addon Pack. 

DOWNLOAD SMOD STANDALONE 0.65:!Pd110AbI!R-Zyp0skbmJye5rk3h5gq01C4kReVbzHafbjLkiMNxE


Please read License and Documentation provided along with the downloads, you can also refer to this Thread for more info:



Thank you for reading the full article on our Tumblr.

Dev.Muffin Group

P.S. Screenshot of new Smod Standalone launcher

Tango Down

Some of you might have noticed that Crylife 1.5.8 and 1.5.9 patch is no longer available for download.

The reason why Crylife 1.5.8 is no longer accessible for download it’s because we
don’t want for players, the new ones and as well the more familiar with Crylife,
to give them a wrong impression of Crylife and it’s current state.

We’ve received a lot of feedback, either positive and negative about our mod,
Thanks to that feedback we were able to polish Crylfe 2.0 more,
add most of requested features, and fix some crucial game-breaking bugs that occurred for some users,
and enhance gameplay experience thanks to SMOD: Standalone.

In this log span of time, as I’ve said, we have revived a lot of feedback,
also Crylife 2.0 in in such advanced development progress,
that there’s no point in releasing a patch for Crylife 1.5.8 that would fix all of the reported issues.
I’d take a long time and would mostly not add any new features,
furthermore some bugs that occur in 1.5.8 are un-fixable, and the same bugs has been fixed with the release of Smod: Standalone.
So it would not be a small update/patch, but it’d be a large update that would take a long time to, create, download and apply.
Not only that, but it’d not add any new features to the mod itself.
Taking Crylife 1.5.8 down, allows us to focus on finishing Crylife 2.0,
and making it the most polished version of Crylife, and what it should be from the start really.

We’re also working closely with some Linux and OsX modders to make Crylife 2.0 work on said operating systems.
That said, we’ve already made Crylife running on MAC, and it’s only matter of time before we’ll be able to launch it on Linux

Here’s a list of some currently added features that were missing, or where suggested by the community:

1. HUD for selecting weapons and allowing them to be selected with the mouse wheel
2. Better quality models and sounds
3. Advanced NHEV controls allowing player to quickly change modes without bringing up the radial menu
4. More modifiable weapons and more ways to modify them
5. Integrated game effects menu, no longer squinting in the upper-left corner of the screen
And last, but one of the most important changes:
6. Easier installation and “upgrade packs” that’ll allow of adding CS:S and HL2:DM to the gaming experience.
*Crylife 2.0 requires only “Source SDK 2006 Base” and “Half-Life 2”

That’s only some of main changes, and they’re very overall.
There’s a lot of other minor changes and small updates that aim to make this mod even more polished.
You can always view the full changelog HERE

Currently we’re in process of eliminating small bugs that appeared during development,
But there are still lots of things that will be added, and tested, before getting public.

Crylife 2.0 is currently in a private test, this means that only specified people are given to play and test it.
After that, we’ll launch a closed tests, for which people can apply via any form of contact with us(with the exception on comments and smoke signals)
We’ll be posting some preview images and videos showing new features and explaining new game mechanics sometime in the future.
Stay tuned until then; as always we’re open for suggestions/improvements.

Thank you for reading the full article on our Tumblr.

Dev.Muffin Group

SMOD Standalone goes public!

Here it is! The latest “unofficial” update to SMOD40aq.

What is SMOD Standalone, you may ask?

SMOD Standalone is Pepsifan04 try to save SMOD from slowly death caused by constant Source and Steam updates.
It also fixes Lua code that broke with the Update of Source SDK Base 2006 to .vpk format.
It does have some additional features and big updatetibilty potential, causing it to be long-term project that, will hopefully bring SMOD back to life!
We’re also hoping that this version will become “Official” patch to our beloved SMOD

SMOD Standalone brings several features to SMOD, specific to this release:

1. LAA Flag: SMOD is now constantly LAA (Large Address Aware) allowing for usage of more than 512MB game memory and therefore more costly models and better quality textures.

2. Fixed LUA support for SMOD: Bring back life and action to your beloved SMODs mapadds.

3. SteamAppId is back to 220: Engine is back on 220 version! this is pre may 26th update version! Fixes Several issues, brings back trains and many more that was cut out, to make SMOD work again due to the infamous may 26th update.

4. Different file and tiers structure, that’ll allow for smaller 3rd party SMOD mods: SMOD now comes with it’s custom files as a base; what does this means? For developers: You no longer need to redistribute non-HDR maps with your release, basic Half-Life 2 files and basic SMOD files. Only the modded ones!

4.5 SMOD now uses Orangebox engine version, which brings enchanted game performance and slightly better SMOD stability, as for now of course, SMOD Standalone has big updatebility potential, thanks to it’s custom source code written by Pepsifan04


What does it do?
As the name says: it makes SMOD standalone and Steam non-dependent, that is of course for playing.
Installation process requires from user to have Steam installed and own Half-Life 2 and Source SDK.

Or more precisely: Automated installer extracts .vpk archives from Source SDK Base 2006 and moves extracted files to a separate location,
To provide independent, yet legal, source of Half-Life 2 files that will survive any Steam or Source Update.

There are possibilities of making SMOD be able to launch HL2:Episode 2 maps, HDR any many more.
(Some features are already confirmed to “work” but they make game very unstable at the moment)


As of now , you can download it form several sources (Thanks for Biz from for providing mirrors)

All of them can be found in the “authentication" section of our page, under "SMOD Standalone" header.

We’re hoping that this “update” will become useful to all SMOD modders, and of course Crylife is already updated to this new format

If you have any questions or problems with this release please send them to our e-mail: or visit thread devoted to this release

Dev.Muffin Group.


No attention needed!

Some of you may noticed that Crylife ModDB page is not being updated. You may ask why? Well, that’s because we don’t want to draw any more attention to the mod right now. The “Final Release” know to some people as “Crylife 2.0” is under heavy development, and will be released in some time.

We simply don’t want more people spazming around, and saying that something is not working or some feature is missing in comparison to Vanilla Half-Life 2. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all-right to "say" that you don’t like this or that feature, or you’d like to see that in next release, but please, don’t swear.

It’s seems that some people don’t understand that, what is now available to download on ModDB is purely an public beta, posted for testing purposes and receiving feedback about features and suggestions what we could add to the mod in the future. But more up-to-date betas are being posted! We’re using our board on BSNOOCH  to post them and deliver them to people who are willing to help/test and who understand the word "Beta" .So if you’re interested in testing, fell free to download it and share your experience with us.

On a side note: Pepsifan04 is planning to update our tumbrl layout and pages to contain better managed screenshots, contact, about us, and most importantly: section about currently available betas for our mods, their status (none/private/closed/public) and separate forms of contact for applying for those tests.

  There’s also going to be a small surprise for Mac users, but that’s a another story…


Dev.Muffin Group


"I don’t have CSS but I’ve downloaded non-steam copy and put it in your mod, and now everything is broken! Help!"


Project:404 : The Feature list

Hello, We’re bringing you the newest, the freshest, the most uncomplete ;) feature list for Project:404.
Let’s start the countdown:

1. Weapon modification (completely remastered)
*2. Player inventory and equipment
*3. Innovative Health and armour system
4. Non-linear map layout (camps, bases and outpost for taking…
5. Quests
*6. 3 playable characters to face the in-game story from different viewpoints
7. Improved enemy A.I (that will allow different styles of gameplay)
*8. In-game achievements for finding ester-eggs and (very) rare equipment
9. Full gamepad support
10. VR (Oculus rift) support thanks to Source 2013

Here’s more detailed information about certain features:


2. Player now have an inventory with maximum weigh limit, so I’ll have to choose what to take with you and what to leave for later usage or simply sell, inventory is also limited in size, keep that in mind when you’re leaving the camp…


3. It’s a good mixup of everything:


After being shoot, player character start to bleed, you can stop the bleeding by using bandage, but to restore health You’ll need to rest in the camp or use the “specific”, but the more you’ll use it it’ll become less efficient (this effect resets after some time) and if used too much at one time, you’ll get an old-school, rpg-like “potion sickness”, Use with caution! ;)


If player will manage to get the body armour, it’ll get damaged after being shoot, beaten and generally treated bad by you and your enemies, You’ll need to repair it using specific materials found around during you adventure or pay someone in the camp to get it fixed. It’s worth noting that even if player is able to fix his bodyarmour while being outside the camp, he’ll be unable to restore it fully, such thing can be only done in the camp in the special areas


6. Player starts the game with the main character, but during playing and advancing through the game world, he’ll meet some story-crucial allies, and upon completion of “first” storyline, player will be able to play as different character and face the game world from different point of view


8. Achievements, what I can say else? because they’re not managed trough steam and therefore they won’t be visible to your friends, they are not going to be easy ones, and no achievements for progressing trough the story, only hard stuff! YEAH! ;)


Well, that’s all (as for now) and see you around soon :)


Dev.Muffin Group

Progress and Scam

First of all I’d like to warn people from downloading SMOD: Crylife from other websites than ModDB.

Googling SMOD: Crylife gave me a list of available downloads that are named SMOD: Crylife : Episode Two and similar, most of them are posted by user named Muffin.

We’d like to officially state that those files are not uploaded by me or anyone else from Dev.Muffin.

We only provide a mirror when it’s necessary for some users to download mod or patch, the mirror is usually posted in download comments (by Pepsifan04 or Deathshimort) or in download information. We’re not responsible for any other links and file mirrors over the internet, and If in some bizarre case we’ll mirror our files, the official statement will be posted here on tumbrl.

Now, the second thing: Currently we’re focused on making Project: 404 , even if there’s no updates on the mod site, we’re making progress, big progress. The reason I’m writing this here, it’s because since Pr:404 is our main mod right now, and due to that SMOD: Crylife will receive updates less frequently (if any), However, an update is planned in near the future to add requested features, and fix some stuff, current dev version is 1.6.2, and if you wish to test it, contact us via e-mail or use our board at

And this brings me to the third point: Thanks to Biz, SMOD: Crylife now have a separate board which you can use to contact us, post suggestions, bugs and your mod-related problems. You can check there “latest” updates (dev./unreleased), find solution to your problems and many other which I can’t think of right now, and now I’ll write anything to make this sentence look longer and more interesting :)

Thank you all and have a good time playing SMOD:Crylife

Dev.Muffin team :)

P.S full size image from news

03.08.2013 Patch summary

Patch 1.5.9 for SMOD: CryLife 1.5.8

First of all, we’d like to say that, this patch/update removes Counter-Strike Source from the list of required games. From now on, If you don’t own CSS you can simply unpatch it, and you’re ready to play!

This patch also solves startup-crashes for some users, which were a big deal, unfortunately startup-crashes are client specific and it’s almost impossible to fix it without testing it out on many computers and setups(read: after release)

Now let me to somewhat describe more important changes and fixes since the previous version:


- Enlarged Scope on DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle)

This one is not purely cosmetic, the scope is now easier to use and even with lowered zoom factor it gives a much nicer, cleaner aim, and along with:

- Reduced Scope Zoom for DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle)

- Reduced amount of scope tint

it makes on-gun scopes much, much nicer and easier to use.


- Fixed RPG on d2_coast_03

Some of you have been unable to take the RPG from Odessa after his “speech”, this was happening because of too small trigger radius that “unlocks” RPG. It has been fixed now, so you can focus on shooing down that gunship.


- Increased Desert Eagle max ammo to 50

Why? Because Desert Eagle is a great gun, it’s fire power and accuracy are bigger than some of the rifles, but it’s quite hard to use because of high recoil, and it has been quite unusable because of it’s low max ammo limit, 32.

Now it’s has been changed, with the increased ammo limit, the gun finds useful during close combat ( e.g. interiors), zombie apocalypse, and as a secondary weapon for your beloved main rifle.


- Replaced core_nanosuit with core_nhev_controls and  core_nhev_modes

If you’re into messing with the game files, you’ll notice that core_nanosuit is gone! that’s because NHEV controls and modes are now separated, making easier for us to modify it and “track” bugs related to it.


Those were more important changes/fixes, and here’s a full list of changes:

Fixed bugs and General Tweaks in v.1.5.9 :
- Fixed ability to modify quick punch weapon
- Fixed weapon_custom2 not being loaded in NPCWeaponRandomize
- Fixed Fists as main weapon when you start a new chapter
- Changed jeep fov to 105
- Reduced amount of scope tint
- Enlarged Scope on DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle)
- Replaced “item_ammo_smg1_grenade” with SCAR-L ammo/Battery
- Reduced Scope Zoom for DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle)
- Fixed <not bound> hudhint bug for ATV
- Fixed hudhints for Airbaot
- Fixed hudhints for Crane
- Fixed RPG on d2_coast_03
- Fixed npc_weapon_randomize
- Increased damage for airboat gun
- Increased Desert Eagle max ammo to 50
- Increased ATV max gauss round to 50
- Deceased battery charge to 10
- Removed camera lag for thirdperson view
- Replaced core_nanosuit with core_nhev_controls and core_nhev_modes
- Switching to granades now disables attachment menu if it’s open
- Fixed game crash on map transition from d1_town_02 to d1_town_02a
- Fixed “Nodegraph out of date…”

Added Features in v.1.5.9 :
- Un-Patches now support Non-CSS variants
- Punching now disables attachment menu if it’s open
- NHEV menu now disables attachment menu if it’s open

Please remember to send bugs/suggestions to

Thank You all:

Dev.Muffin team